Fancy a neck-breaking sightseeing experience?  Let’s get on to the river and get on a speedy romp in a RIB (rigid inflatable boat).  RIB are normally the vessel of choice for Police and Special Forces around the World; and are designed and built to be used in the most extreme conditions and remain safe and stable in all weathers!  The tour starts off as a regular river tour from the London Eye Millennium Pier and picks up speed once the boat passes Tower Bridge, scooting all the way down to Docklands.  Soak up the unparalleled views of top city attractions including Big Ben, the London Eye and St Paul’s Cathedral. Make it a point to arrive 20 minutes ahead of the booked ride to be fitted out with a waterproof jacket, a life jacket and google-style visors.  Be thrilled as your boat speeds down the river, performing break-neck turns, wave jumps and figures of eight, then turns around by Canary Wharf and speeds back to base. An exhilarating way to discover the Thames at almost 30 knots, leaving the lumbering traditional river cruisers far behind. 

With passenger numbers limited to a maximum of 12 passengers per boat, a journey with RIB allows a more bespoke experience of London and the River Thames. 

Opening Hours: Daily tours (Monday to Sunday) Hourly from 10:00a.m.–6:00p.m.

Address: Boarding Gate One, London Eye Millennium Pier, London, SE1 7PB 

Tel:  +44 207 118 118 1