Are you aware that there are still traces of Roman-era Londinium to be found in London?  No?  Well, when you are in London next, make it a point to visit some of these places.  In fact if you would like to know what the capital was like in the days when it was ruled by Roman governors, head to the basement of the Guildhall Art Gallery. Here, you'll find one of the many surprises that London holds: an amphitheatre. Rediscovered in 1988 hidden beneath Guildhall Yard, the amphitheatre was found within the old Roman city walls, whereas the majority of ancient amphitheatres were located on the outside. The Amphitheatre was build in AD80 as a simple wooden structure and underwent a massive makeover in the early second century with an increased capacity of up to 6000 people.  The arena was used for public events, animal fighting, public executions and of course, gladiatorial combat.  The amphitheatre was dismantled in the fourth century after Romans abandoned Britain and much of the original materials were reused as building materials.  What was left laid in ruins for hundreds of years until the 11th century when reoccupation of the area took place.  Over time, an institution that Londoners are now most familiar with; the first ever Guildhall was built.  The remains were discovered during the redevelopment of the Guildhall Art Gallery in 1985 and offer a fascinating insight into the bloody and barbaric theatre of Roman London. To reach the remains you will have to buy a ticket to the Guildhall Art Gallery, where entrance to the amphitheatre’s remains is included in the price.

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