Lushan ski resort is located in Lushan Mountain Scenic Area, one of the top ten famous mountains in China. The ski resort is built in the daughter city one kilometer above Xiaotianchi, with an altitude of about 1180 meters. It faces north and faces south. It is a U-shaped valley. The average temperature in winter is the lowest temperature area in Lushan scenic area, which is the best location for the natural conditions of skiing projects.

The snow field is 1300 meters away from the sea. It is located in the world natural heritage site, Lushan Mountain, a national scenic spot. Surrounded by mountains, surrounded by pines and cypresses, it is snowy in winter and snowy in the forest. It's a northern scenery, often with Lushan clouds floating at the foot, making people feel like skiing in the sky. It's the most beautiful outdoor snow field in southern China.